How to change your Watch Strap ?

1- Remove the strap by flipping your watch to its back side and sliding the pin away from the nearest lug. The repeat on the other side.

2- Position your straps to ensure correct positioning. The strap with the buckle is found on the 12 number mark and the strap with the holes will be positioned at the 6 number mark.

3- Flip the watch head and straps to the back side to ensure that the straps are positioned correctly.

5- Insert the left pin onto the left hole of the watch head. Then slide the silver pin away from the nearest lug and fit the pin onto its hole. 

6- Lightly tug the strap twice to ensure the strap has been secured on its place.

7- Repeat steps 5 and 6 onto the other strap.

Please note that the Philip Stein straps are ONLY for Philip Stein Products. Other straps won't fit on your Philip Stein watch and vice versa. Heirsch watch straps is used for any watch brand.

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